Hair Fall Associated with Hijab?

Hair Loss associated with hijab

Image: The Guardian

Hair Fall is Common with Hijabis?

Are you having hair fall? Are you a hijabi? Do you believed that hair fall is associated with wearing headscarf? Or is it just a hearsay?

Keeping our hair healthy is one thing we owe ourselves. Our hair, just like any part of our body needs to be taken care of, to be nourished and pampered, for what it is called the crowning glory after all? I remember talking to a colleague who used to say that half of a woman’s beauty is her hair which I think everyone would agree.

Hijabis have twice or thrice the pressure of keeping up a healthy hair even when their locks are kept hidden under a headscarf. Unlike women who have their hair exposed, for many reasons hijabis need more efforts to maintain healthy hair. Let it be known that these reasons shouldn’t be made as an excuse to observe hijab or headscarf which is prescribed for every Muslim women.

Some women on their first phase of hijab transformation gets a little over reacting which is totally forgivable. It’s okay to have little illusions, just a little illusion and blame headscarf for every single strand of hair on the floor or the cause of your headache. Eventually when your thoughts finally set in and is already comfortable with your headscarf on, you’ll realize, it was just a make-believe myth and probably one of satan’s work to drive you away from obeying your Lord.

For many of us, who still believed that hijab or headscarf causes us a lot of trouble and is standing on our way to being drop dead gorgeous, caused frizzy hair and hair fall to the extreme of leading to alopecia, as I said it’s okay to worry. It’s a good sign that we care and when we care about anything, there should be an initiative done to suppress the worries and that is by gathering facts rather than just hearsays.

Relationship between hair fall and hijab

Hair fall associated with hijab

Image : Lady Thing

On a serious note, does wearing headscarf cause hair fall? Does it contributes to hair loss leading to alopecia? Before you make your assumption, do you know that on daily basis, hair fall would amount to at least 100 hair strands a day on a healthy individual? Hijabis may tend to over count the hair strands because it accumulates on the head scarf the whole time and by the time she removes it, she’d like “Oh my God! I’m having hair fall! I’m having hair loss!”. On the other hand, women who aren’t covering might oversee these hundreds of falling hair because it can fall anytime, anywhere without them knowing thus leaving them unaware.

If you have excessive hair fall and you suspect it is due to wearing of head scarf, you can try to do the following tricks which would also help your hair to grow healthy.

1. Avoid wearing undercap or bonnet that are too tight which would pull your scalp up thus may uproot hair as well. This might cause headache too for sensitive individuals.

2. Comb your hair before putting on the scarf to avoid your hair getting frizzy which will render it vulnerable to damage and hair fall.

3. Drying your hair prior to wearing headscarf would be healthier than leaving it under the scarf moist and damp the whole time.

4. If you are staying at home, wear your hair down and give it some time to breathe.

5. Just like hair care for any individual, it is important to brush your hair and massage the scalp to make the hair roots strong and healthy.

6. Invest on good shampoos and hair oil that contains hair tonics like aloe vera, olive oil, cactus and the likes.

If excessive hair fall still persist, it is important that you seek professional help from doctors and other qualified practitioners and make sure that the hair fall isn’t caused by other underlying conditions like thyroid problem, iron deficiency or by an auto-immune disease called alopecia areata which causes a person’s hair to fall out. In this condition, the person’s immune system attacks their body, in this case, their hair follicles. When this happens, the person’s hair begins to fall out. The extent of the hair loss varies; in some cases, it is only in a few spots and in others, the hair loss can be greater.

Women – What the Society Wants

Women are vain. Many women are or perhaps all women for that matter. But it shouldn’t be all about vanity that should drive a woman to take care of herself but rather everyone should see it as a self obligation to look good and feel good about herself. It’s not also about pleasing the people around you to get massive thumbs-up on Facebook but more importantly to please yourself when you look at the mirror.

Since women are the most guilty subject when it comes to vanity and the society pressed too much emphasis on us when it come to this matter, we are always on the receiving end of criticism when we fail to fit in to the standards. When I say standards, I’m talking about how a woman should present herself and how the society want you to look like when you face the world.

Hijab in its sense doesn’t cause hair fall. It isn’t associate with hair loss or alopecia, as mentioned above other underlying conditions might and you would blame hijab for that. In shaa Allah, when you try to practice extra care with your hair, you’ll locks will be very much healthy, beautiful and alive even when it’s modestly wrapped up.

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If you have hair fall that associated with hijab and have done remedies to counter it, you might wan it to share with us by leaving your comments below.


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  1. I have been wearing the hijab since I was 12, Alhamdulilah. Never have I found hair fall due to Hijab. Instead, I have seen it increases while I am stressed out, use chlorinated water, tie damp hair and wear scarf immediately or just general lack of care. Yeah, it’s kind of distressing😐 We love our locks, don’t we?:-) Subhana Allah

    • Exactly! Hair fall is due to lack of hair care and probably other underlying conditions like hormone-related diseases. Thank you for dropping by!

  2. Great post! I think my hair has become healthier after wearing hijab because it is protected from the harsh elements.:)


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