Post – Eid Haul

Post Eid Mini Shopping

Post Eid Haul
Yesterday, hubby and I together with friends went out for a supposed to be post-Eid dinner only. I had no plans to shop at all though I doubt it myself. Knowing me, I would always have to pick an item or two. Just anything not to keep me empty-handed going back home.

Our first drop was a mall. It was almost prayer time when I entered into a shop. We were told to proceed to cashier because they are about to close after 15 minutes. Fine! I have to find anything then because from here, we’ll be dining in to a nearby resto. We actually had no plan as to where we are going. I didn’t know what to buy either. It wasn’t included in the plan because we’re done shopping before Eid but at the last minute I picked this….

Red Tag Scarf - Post Eud Haul

a very soft polka-dot peach-lavender maxi hijab from Red Tag. It wouldn’t be complete if I can’t have at least one hijab when I come out from a mall. It’s all worth it because this hijab is so cute. I adore polka dots a lot. I’m a sucker! Another good thing is, Red Tag scarves are a lot cheaper than Mango, Stradivarius, Celeste and Parfois where I love to get my head scarves or hijab from. I don’t have a hijab like this yet because most of my polka dot hijabs have tiny cute dots unlike this one so this is definitely a new priced addition to my hijab collection.

Dining at IKEA

Post Eid Haul - IKEA

Post Eid Haul - Blueberry CheesecakeNext stop is IKEA. My first dining at IKEA was great. As they say, first impression last and so here we are again. To my disappointment, it wasn’t like before. First, every menu went rocket-high. The Burberry cheesecake which I love so much went SR 12 from SR 7. I haven’t had a bite of cheesecake in three weeks I guess, so I gave it a go anyway. There were many of us in the queue and maybe that was the reason why the service wasn’t that good. I ordered a roast beef with rice. They just pour in the gravy to the plate which makes it look like a baby’s food. Hubby ordered grilled salmon and rice with a side dish of green peas, carrots and some herbs and lemon. I didn’t take any picture save for the blueberry cheesecake because it cannot qualify for a decent photo. Good thing, the food was okay, at least.

After dinner, our friends decided to buy few items for home furnishing. We are still at the IKEA. If you are stressed and want to paint a little happiness on to your system, drop by IKEA and I’m sure you’ll go home with a huge smile on your face. They have basically everything you need for your home. From furniture, kitchen ware, home decors, linen, hardware, they have it all.

I know, I wasn’t suppose to buy anything but since I am here already, might as well take a tour and pick something cute and fancy. Two months ago, we were also here and I bought some baking tools and kitchen wares then. So here’s what I got….
IKEA Popsicle mold
a pink girly Popsicle molder. I’ve been looking for this for many months. I saw something like this in one food blog which I forgot the name. Anyway, she made Popsicles from bits of fruits and milk. Freeze for some time and presto….a very healthy and colorful Popsicles ready to serve for the kids. I’m sure my kids would love it. I am also planning to make green smoothies which my husband is making every morning into Popsicles.

imageUp next are these scented candles, cute clear glass flower vase and a stem of flower. I don’t know if this is daisy or what…I’m not familiar with flowers names. The candles are supposed to be aromatic and fruity but I smell little of it. The color variants of the candles are refreshing. I love the clear jar flower vase. It is very cute and would add touch to a small office table. The flower stem? Well, I picked it up the last minute before going to the cashier. Hubby asked why only one? I’ll pick a bunch next time, I giggled. Now I’m thinking, why did I took only one stem?

Last Stop at Jareer Bookstore

When our friends said we’re going to drop at a bookstore, I was elated. It’s been a year since the last time I’ve been to Jareer Bookstore. By the way, it is the largest bookstore in Saudi Arabia that sells electronic gadgets as well. I headed right away to the English books section. I was combing the shelves searching for two books, And The Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hossaini, the acclaimed author of The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns but it was out of stock. Next is a book by Yasmin Mogahed, Reclaim Your Heart which according to the sales assistant isn’t available at all. Maybe I should get it from Amazon then.


I found many Islamic books and I just wanted to take them all. It took me a while to pick one because all of them are good beneficial books. I took a picture of the ones that I planned to buy next time and saved it on my phone. I got this book entitled Stories of the Prophets. I already started with some pages. This is really a good book, something that you can read to your children before they go to sleep.

The supposed to be post Eid dinner that turns into a mini shopping was really tiring but fun. I hope you enjoy my post and if you like to stay updated, do follow this blog or subscribe by email. You can also reach me here…


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Till here guys!


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  1. What a beautiful scarf!:)

  2. Happy celebrations to you and your family!😀

  3. EId has GOne by,Umm nice shoping tho and now new islamic year has started .may Allah accept our deeds in this year


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