Review on Mango Soap From Body Shop

Mango Soap From Body Shop

Mango soap from body shop
Body Shop has now launched their fruity soaps. That I didn’t know until I received a gift from a colleague with a Mango Soap from Body Shop on it. I think it would be fair enough to write a review about it since I’ve been using it for three weeks now and I just finished the whole bar. Body Shop is one of the store that I love. They have wide arrays of natural products you can choose from but I have never used any soap from them and so using their Mango soap brought excitement to me. Wanna find out my review on Mango Soap from Body Shop? Read on beauties!

I don’t used scented soap on my face because of my horrific experience with some of them which caused breakouts on my face. I used a non-soap bar for my face like Sebamed Cleansing Bar which you can read my review here.

Mango But Doesn’t Smells Like One

Body shop's mango soap
Mango is one of the fruits that is abundant in Philippines. In fact, we are one of the major mango exporters in the world. Working in Saudi Arabia where most mangoes are coming from India or Pakistan, made me missed eating mangoes just like the old days back home. Mango soap from Body Shop contrary to its name has no mango scent on it or if it has, I can’t almost smell it. This is a turn-on for me because like I mentioned I don’t like scented soap. I may be crazy about eating mangoes but the idea of it infused into a soap? Not really!

This mango soap is a clear soap wrapped in a transparent plastic with the Body Shop logo on it. There’s nothing fancy about the packaging. Anyway, you’re going to rip it off in the end so it plays a very minute impact of my impression. Since it appears like a non-scented soap for me, I decided to try it on my face.

What Does Mango Soap Does To My Face?

I was really skeptical about using it on my face but I decided to give it a go anyway. What happened to my face? It’s not that I’m expecting breakouts or anything but with my previous attempt to try scented soap on my face, I got nothing but zits here and there. To my surprise, up to the last day I used it, there was no breakout whatsoever and I’m so happy about it! It produced a rich lather and leave my face soft. I don’t expect it to have whitening effects because there was no indication related to that but what I do noticed is it moisturizes the skin well.

Since it was given to me, I don’t know how much it cost. Maybe you can check your local Body Shop to check the price.

My Verdict?

I love this mango soap. I would definitely get one for me. For that, I am giving it a rating of


What about you ladies? What soap do you love from Body Shop? What is your favorite soap so far? Share with us your thoughts by leaving your comments below. If you like this post, don’t forget to hit the share button. If you want to be updated, follow this blog or subscribe by email. Like and follow us on these social networks….


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That would be all for now beauties! Meanwhile, enjoy pampering yourself with rich lather of your favorite bath products while I’ll try to get another bar of Mango soap from Body Shop.



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