Easy Recipe: Egg Drop Soup

Easy to prepare soup recipe

Hi Mommies! How’s life these days? I hope you and your family are all safe amidst this global pandemic. The quarantine has brought about a lot of things to us but hey! let us always look on a brighter side and make the most of this quarantine. This may be the time we get to bond more with our family and speaking of which, I noticed most mommies if not all have mastered their cooking skills these days. Why not? Let us make use of our time to be productive and explore new things.

Egg Drop Soup

Easy to find ingredients

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Finding Friends in Digital Age

Technology and Relationship

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Today’s world is so advanced yet complicated and relationship isn’t getting behind and is also in constant race with technology.

Years ago the definition of friendship is way different than how today’s generation perceived it. Then, physical presence and interaction is vital to establish the relationship. It was indeed special. You would feel the genuiness of every hi and hello. The “how are you?” do not have double meanings but rather an authentic expression of care. These days, you wouldn’t really know if you were asked because they care or they just want to dig deeper into what they’ve heard about you.

See? Even if the other parties has genuine intention of asking, some people can’t help but wonder the real intention?

Genuiness of Friendship

Image source: Free Photo Library

Have we really lost the trust to befriend others? To befriend an acquaintance let alone a stranger seems so difficult to do these days.

Does the case applies true to all? Are there no more genuine people out there ?

Have you ever heard about VIRTUAL FRIENDSHIP? I bet you did. This post intends to navigate on finding friends in this digital age.

Maybe to some people, it doesn’t sound safe, to befriend a stranger you barely know. Someone you have seen only in photos and whose identity you know only from the profile. Well, this is a case to case basis and everyone deserves the right to choose her own circle.of friends and entitled to her opinion.

Speaking from experience, I would say finding one or two or even more “digital friends” isn’t something we shouldn’t consider. Why not?
How genuine the person can’t be actually measured on how long you’ve known them. You may have known her your whole life but up to this day, you can’t measure the depth of her personality. On the contrary, there were instances where you just have met someone but the connection between the two of you sparked like you have known a lifetime.

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Sometimes I wanna ask how she is

Words of worries long to slip from my lips

But I opted silence

and though I can sense her soundless cry

I stayed heedless

Not because I do not care

I do…I do

But the weaker me had the steering wheel

Had to follow the voice

The stronger actor that I used to play

Came to extinct

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DIY: Turn Stash Into Cash

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Salam everyone! It’s a lovely evening around here and I just had a mug of coffee (yeah mug) to fuel me up. I hope everyone is as energized as I am right now Alhamdulillah. Well, this is an overdue post which I planned to post a couple of months back before graduate school took most of my precious time.

Well, tonight I made a timeline that I had to have this post published before I get into encoding my Statistics assignment. So here we are…are you ready?

Those who are following my Facebook page The Crafty Hijabi would notice my lack of posts and instead my business page Hijabella Shop – Handmade Hijab Accessories is teeming with photos and uploads. Last year I decided to sell my handmade crafts specifically hijab brooches and pins which I originally made for myself but after some friends start inquiring if  I am selling those, I got the idea and why not sell them online and that’s where I started to take it seriously.

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Motherhood: The Most Celebrated Job



While this may not be true to all but to most women, attaining motherhood completes womanhood. Although the success of marriage can’t be equate solely to having offsprings but obviously, having children to take care of fortify marital relations and give each parent a sense of responsibility.

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