Drugstore Product: Nivea Sun Anti-Age Sun Cream with SPF 30 Review

Nivea Sun Anti-Age Sunscreen with SPF 30

Nivea Sun Anti Age Sunscreen Review
Hi beauties! Past a month since the last time I posted here and I must say I kinda missed it. I have already moved back to the Philippines and it’s scorching hot summer right now which make sense if I write a review about the sunblock I’m using now which is the Nivea Sun Anti-Age Sun Cream. Read the full post »

Best Accessories for Girls

Hi lovelies! I really hope to blog regularly and this time, I hope I can keep my words. Blogging once or twice a week would be great so I can share many stuffs with you guys. So today’s post as usual is about us…girls!

Best Practical Accessories

Accessorizing is a practical way to add bling bling to your whole outfit. If you want to save your pennies, the secret is investing on accessories that goes with any season. Well, if you don’t mind splurging a bit, you can opt for trendy pieces and be a trend setter. Depending on the occasion, simple, plain and solid colors can stand out when accessorized with complementing pieces. Many cheaper and street fashion brands like PersunMall that offers best deals on accessories you can use for any occasion.

Here are some of them….

1. Jewellery
Best Girls Accessories Read the full post »

Drugstore Product: Nivea Natural Fairness Day and Night Care Cream Review

Hi beauties! I feel it’s been ages since the last time I blog about product reviews. I have a whole lot of products to be reviewed but just got no time to sit and write about it or should I say I’m more inclined to writing other stuffs these days rather than giving my verdict on a certain product.

Well today might be different coz I’ll be sharing with you a drugstore product I’ve used for about a month now. Actually I have posted a teaser on my Facebook Page a week or so and I promised to write a review about it. So here it is….

Nivea Natural Fairness Cream Day and Night Care

Nivea Natural Fairness Cream Day and Night Care Review Read the full post »

DIY: Homemade EOS Lip Balm

DIY: EOS Lip Balms

DIY: EOS Limp Balms
Making a lip balm of your own infused with your favorite flavor isn’t that grueling. In fact, you can make one with ease using ingredients which can be found at your home. There are many YouTube videos about lip balm making as well as DIY blogs and probably you’ve bumped into those sites countless times. If you notice, the main ingredient used is petroleum jelly or Vaseline as we commonly know it. Today, I will share with you a DIY lip balm using petroleum jelly I learned from blogs and YouTube videos I’ve been browsing these past few days. Since, EOS lip balms are the talk of the town, why not make a homemade EOS lip balm then? Shall we? Read the full post »

Nature’s Best Beauty Secrets

Nature’s Beauty Secrets

Perhaps many of us aren’t aware about the nature’s best beauty secrets that were used during ancient times when modern cosmetics didn’t exist yet and it’s impact in women. Women’s beauty then was regarded as a powerful tool of getting a place in the society where fame and power only belongs to men and although the status and implication of women’s power in the present day had already changed but the idea of beauty and vanity remains in a woman’s disposition regardless of race, color, ethnicity and faith.

Today’s innovations in technology takes its effects on the world of vanity, beauty and cosmetics as well. New colors, trends and the likes made beautification all the more difficult to say no to women but no matter how advance our technology is and how many new discoveries and inventions are uncovered, the nature’s best beauty secrets can’t be brushed off and this why many cosmetic companies go back to aged-old era and employ all but natural ingredients in their formulations.

Whilst the chemical compounds incorporated in beauty preparations give longer shelf-life to the products and provide ease of use, some disadvantages are manifested in sensitive individuals who contacted allergies and other unwanted skin reactions. I know, as a woman who love to care of your skin, you wouldn’t compromise it with a good-for-nothing commercial preparation which would cause nightmare but at the same time you wouldn’t want to leave your skin unattended.

Naturally Occurring Beauty Secrets

Here are some of the naturally occurring fruits and foods which are abundant in nature which you can use and add to your skincare regimen which will give the same if not more beneficial effects on your skin.

1. Olive oil
Nature's Best Beauty Secrets
Olive oil contains vitamins and nutrients loaded with antioxidants. Mixing olive oil with castor or jojoba oils can be used as facial cleanser in what is commonly known today as OCM or oil cleansing method where the idea of oil repels oil is believed to be the reason why it unclog pores and strip off the skin with unwanted excess sebum that caused pimples. As a result, the skin will be clean, smooth and oil-free.

It can also be used to moisturize your scalp thus preventing dryness and dandruff. When mixed with sugar, it aids in removing dead skin cell transforming your dull skin into radiant one and when mixed with honey and lemon, it can smoothen dry rough feet. Read the full post »


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