Motherhood: The Most Celebrated Job



While this may not be true to all but to most women, attaining motherhood completes womanhood. Although the success of marriage can’t be equate solely to having offsprings but obviously, having children to take care of fortify marital relations and give each parent a sense of responsibility.

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How Much of a Coffee is Too Much? ( A Coffee Tale )

How much of a coffee is too much? Have you asked yourself this question? Do you really care about the number of cups or is it all about the ‘coffee affair”. What’s your coffee tale?

Source: Google

Source: Google

You probably be sipping your cup of coffee right now while reading this post. Why not? After all there is no such “appropriate time” for a coffee affair. But really, how much of a coffee is too much? Coffee to many, well I’ll start with myself first is a maintenance fluid every time you need an energy boost, it could be an understatement but it works just like a maintenance drug for a chronic illness that only coffee drinkers can relate to. What is it in coffee that hypnotizes drinkers from all walks of life? Why are coffee shops mushrooming and booming in the business industry today more than it does in the past decades? Had the earlier generations trivialized coffee and missed a lot of adrenaline kick that the younger generations should make up for their loss? Read the full post »

Expectations vs. Reality


Reality vs. Expectations. Is it difficult to discern reality versus illusion? Maybe not really. I think the problem is not with identifying wether we’re living in realistic world or fantasies but rather it is our willingness to embrace reality because most of the time reality hurts when it doesn’t fit into our yardstick of success.

As human, we are dreamers. We dream big. Who doesn’t?

We plan. We want to design our life. We want to be the engineer of our future. We want to be the marketing strategist of what we want to offer.

We are so optimistic that no one we can stand in our way and we, with our strong determination would do everything within our capacity to turn all those dreams into reality. Sounds fair and it is. Who says there’s something wrong in pursuing our dreams? In fact, most life coaches, psychologists and other experts on personal matters would recommend the same. While it would always be commendable for us to follow our dreams, we should condition our mind and heart that not all roads are smooth. There will always be bumpy ones, dead ends and cliffs. We are to be emotionally prepared to meet failures along the way and those expectations of ours would not always turn the way we envisioned it to be. Read the full post »

Crafting Just Before Exam

Asslamualaikum. Hi lovelies! It’s been a while. Yes I know! So here I am making up for being MIA these past few weeks. Next week will be the last installment of my mid-term exam so I will grab this chance to write something to escape for a while for my busy world.

Anyways, this week I am lucky enough because I have no work since it’s exam week in the college where I am teaching and also the foundation day of the college I am attending for my professional education units. That would be fun right except for the fact, we had no electricity for five long days because the line was interrupted due to unforeseen circumstances. So for five days, I was actually lost to the outside world. Thanks now it’s back to normal.

This will be a very quick post coz I only want to share what keeps me busy during the five-no-electricity days. Yes! Boredom sometimes yield productivity and creativity. Here are some of the accessories I made. These are for my daughter but if anyone is interested to order, I’ll see what I can do:)

There are some minor flaws like mismatched thread and the likes while I’m still in my way to fix my crafting box. You know guys, this is really helping me ease my boredom and sometimes uneasiness with all the works piled up before my eyes.

That would be all lovelies. Till my next post:)

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Kisses from the Philippines.


Shopping : A Not-So-Expensive Mango Haul and Wishlist

Hi lovelies! As promised, here I am trying to escape from my busy schedule to write a sentence or two so just you know that I’m still here:). Last week, I got so busy with my Professional Education class. I was so punctual that I never missed a class, it’s just that, most of our professors didn’t meet due to multitude reasons. Sigh!

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